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Women's Studies meeting, 1971
Notes from Iola Haverstick, regarding the Jane Grant collection, 1971
Women's Center's brochure mailing list, 1971
Notes on Women's Studies, 1971
Notes for Newsletter, November 1971
Barnard Lawyers' Committee, proposed procedure for handling cases, 1971
Faculty teaching Women's Studies courses, 1971-1972
Outline for Budget, 1971-1972
Notes for Lawyers Meeting, 1971
Notes from Mary Elizabeth Wexford, regarding Women's Studies conference, 1971
Possible legal or quasi-legal programs in which the Center might involve itself, 1971
Notes on January Conference, 1971
Cost Estimate for Roster of Women Scholars, 1971
Notes regarding the Thursday Noon Lecture Series, 1971-1972
Women's Center's brochure mailing list, 1971, page 1
Notes for Lawyers Meeting, 1971, page 1