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Columbia and Barnard students socialize, circa 1960s
Summer tour at Rockefeller Center, circa 1960s
Student working at BHR Switchboard, circa 1960s
New York Times Campus Correspondent, circa 1960s
Barnard student babysitting, circa 1960
Barnard student working at Roosevelt Hospital, circa 1960s
Student with flowering Magnolia tree, circa 1960s
Exchange Student from Spelman College, circa 1960s
Exchange Students, C1960
Student Exchange Program discussion, C1960
Students Socializing, circa 1960s
Student  working as a sound tech, circa 1960s
Students in cafeteria, circa 1960s
Ward Clerk at Roosevelt Hospital, circa 1960
Student working at American Museum of Natural History, C1960s
Job Interview, circa 1960