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Students studying in Ella Weed, circa 1912
Dean Gildersleeve near Milbank Hall, 1912
Students having tea in Brooks Hall, 1912
Dean Gildersleeve, December 1912
Greek Games Invocations to Demeter, 1913
Greek Games Dance, 1913
Barnard College Class of 1913 Portrait
Barnard College tennis courts, 1913
Greek Games Choreographers, 1914
Greek Games, 1914-1915
Greek Games Hurdle, circa 1914
Students having tea on the Fiske Hall steps, 1914
Barnard College Class of 1914 Portrait
Main Reading Room with Tiffany Fireplace in Background, circa 1914
Greek Games first-year dance, 1915
Barnard College Class of 1915 Portrait