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Note from Catharine Stimpson to Jane Gould, 1974
General information about scholar and feminist conference, 1974
The Economics of Sex Differentials, 1974
Scholarship and Feminism: Conflict, Compromise, Creativity, 1974
Feminism and the Classics: Apollo and Dionyses, 1974
Witchcraft Paper Outline, 1974
Summary report,1974
War and Peace: Four Generations of Feminists, 1974
Scholar and Feminist I registration form, 1974
Scholar and Feminist Conference I program, 1974
Women's Movement Reflection, 1974
Paper about Art and Feminism, 1974
The Economics of the Second Sex, 1974
Sanity, Madness and the 19th Century Family, 1974
The Convent As Catalyst for Autonomy: Two Hispanic Nuns of the Seventeenth Century, 1974
Feminism and Science: Against the Marxian Apology, the Freudian Recidivism, and Scientific and Political Protection Societies, 1974