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General information about scholar and feminist conference, 1974
The Economics of Sex Differentials, 1974
Scholarship and Feminism: Conflict, Compromise, Creativity, 1974
Feminism and the Classics: Apollo and Dionyses, 1974
Witchcraft Paper Outline, 1974
Summary report,1974
War and Peace: Four Generations of Feminists, 1974
Scholar and Feminist I registration form, 1974
Scholar and Feminist Conference I program, 1974
Women's Movement Reflection, 1974
The Economics of the Second Sex, 1974
Sanity, Madness and the 19th Century Family, 1974
The Convent As Catalyst for Autonomy: Two Hispanic Nuns of the Seventeenth Century, 1974
Feminism and Science: Against the Marxian Apology, the Freudian Recidivism, and Scientific and Political Protection Societies, 1974
Barnard Bulletin press, 1974
Press Information for conference, 1974