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Millicent McIntosh and Mrs. Ogden R. Reid looking at plans for Lehman Hall , 1958
Christmas tree atop Lehman at night
Lehman Hall Windows Framed By Cherry Blossoms
Milbank Hall in winter, circa 1970-1980
Reid Hall construction, 1960-1961
Newly finished Wollman Library, circa early 1960s
Reid Hall construction, 1960-1961
Atschul Court construction, circa 1960s
Lehman Lawn in winter, circa 1960-1980
Barnard College campus aerial, circa early 1960s
Greek Games statue, circa 1960s
Student exiting newly built Lehman Hall, circa early 1960s
Lehman exterior, circa 1960-1970
Student carrying torch next to Greek Games statue, circa 1960s-1970s
Barnard Hall, Brooks Hall, and Reid Hall, circa 1960-1986
Barnard College Campus with Snow, circa 1960s