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Notes on Feminist Literary Criticism in the University Workshop, 1974
Notes from Februrary 6, 1974 meeting, 1974
Notes from meeting (details issues), 1974
Note from Sue Sacks to "The Scholar and the Feminist" workshop coordinators, 1974
Some Aspects of Women in Science, 1974
Scholar and Feminist fully registered, 1974
List of participants, 1974
List of panelists, 1974
An Anthropologist and Feminism, 1974
Plan for The Scholar and the Feminist conference, 1974
Scholar and the Feminist press release, 1974
Note from Catharine Stimpson to Jane Gould, 1974
General information about scholar and feminist conference, 1974
The Economics of Sex Differentials, 1974
Scholarship and Feminism: Conflict, Compromise, Creativity, 1974
Feminism and the Classics: Apollo and Dionyses, 1974