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Marian Beckman ('57) view installation, circa 1950-1959
Student reading at desk, circa 1950
Student in front of mail drop, circa 1950
Students socialize outside, circa 1950
Student telephone, circa 1950s
Students read newspaper, October 1950
Ursula Niebuhr, circa 1954
Foreign Students with President McIntosh, circa 1950s
President McIntosh presents certificate to Reiko Kase, circa 1950
Two students posing on Lehman Lawn, 1954
Ursula Niebuhr and Other Professors, Spring 1956
Bhinda Malla receives diploma, 1956
Student Meets Professor Del Rio and President McIntosh, circa 1956-1960
Bhinda Malla walks by Helen Geer Gate, circa 1956
Librarians at Reference and Information Desk, circa 1960s
Eating in the Cafeteria, circa 1960s