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Milbank Hall restoration, 1981
Altschul Hall tower, 1982
Brooks Hall living room, fall 1983
Students on Altschul/McIntosh Plaza, 1984
Barnard Hall and Altschul Hall, circa 1985-1989
Student in front of Lehman Hall, January 1985
Altschul Hall, 1985
Student passes through "the Link" between Alstchul and Milbank, circa 1985
Lehman Lawn, 1986
Students relaxing on Lehman Lawn, 1988
Magnolia tree on Lehman Lawn, 1988
Greek Games statue, circa 1988
Dorm Room, Sulzberger Hall, circa late 1980s/early 1990s
Brooks Hewitt Reid Exterior, circa 1980s
Student reading on Lehman Lawn, circa 1990
Lehman lawn in winter, circa 1990s