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Women's Studies meeting, 1971
Notes from Iola Haverstick, regarding the Jane Grant collection, 1971
Letter from Catharine Stimpson to Elizabeth Moody Buchmann, 1971
Thoughts on "Women's Studies" at Barnard, 1971
Letter from Elly Elliott to Barbara Hertz, 1971
Women's Center's brochure mailing list, 1971
Notes on Women's Studies, 1971
Memo for files, 1971
Note from Martha Peterson to Catharine Stimpson, 1971
Notes for Newsletter, November 1971
Barnard Lawyers' Committee, proposed procedure for handling cases, 1971
Letter from Juliet Mitchell, 1971
Note from Sheila Tobias to Catharine Stimpson, 1971
Film Seminars: Artists in Film, 1971
Note from Eleanor Tilton to Catharine Stimpson, 1971
Faculty teaching Women's Studies courses, 1971-1972