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Brooks Hall exterior, circa 1910s
Students Reading in "The Jungle", 1910
Students relaxing in Fiske Hall (Milbank), circa 1911-1912
Students studying in Ella Weed, circa 1912
Brooks Hall kitchen, 1912
Students having tea in Brooks Hall, 1912
Students having tea on the Fiske Hall steps, 1914
Barnard College Campus Aerial, circa 1918-1919
Barnard College Campus Aerial, circa 1920s
Hewitt Hall dorm room, circa 1920s
Hewitt dining room, circa 1920s
Helen Hartley Jenkins Geer Memorial Gates, circa 1920s
Inaugurating Geer Gates, 1921
Barnard campus aerial, 1929
Barnard Hall parlor, circa 1930s
Pathway outside Brooks Hall, circa 1932