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Altschul and McIntosh construction site, 1966
Students on Altschul/McIntosh Plaza, 1984
Altschul Plaza, circa 1980s
Altschul and Lehman Halls, circa 1970-1972
Altschul and Lehman Halls in winter, circa 1970s
Altschul and Lehman halls, circa 1970-1972
Altschul court, circa 1952
Barnard College campus aerial with Lehman Hall, 1961
Students on pathway, 1944
Visitors at Brooks, circa 1940s
Brooks Hall and Hewitt Hall exteriors, circa 1935-1959
Brooks Hall, circa 1940-1960
Students on path to Brooks Hall, circa 1950s
Altschul Court Dedication, 1964
Altschul Hall, 1985
McIntosh Student Center, circa 1980s