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Barnard campus aerial, 1933
Brooks Hall and Hewitt Hall exteriors, circa 1935-1959
Brooks Hall exterior, circa late 1930s
Snow outside Brooks Hall, circa 1935
Brooks Hall Gate, 1937 or 1942
Student at Brooks Gates, circa 1937
Brooks Gates, 1937
Barnard Students with Baskets, circa 1940s
Visitors at Brooks, circa 1940s
Brooks Hall, circa 1940-1960
Visitors at Brooks Hall, circa 1942
Students in the Jungle, circa 1940s
Student on grass in the Jungle, 1943
Barnard Jungle with View of Riverside Church and Milbank Hall, 1944
The Jungle and Milbank Hall, circa 1944-1950
Student studying on grass in the Jungle, circa 1940s-50s