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Angela Davis Lecture at Barnard, C2001
Meeting at BCRW Office, 1996
Meeting at BCRW Office, 1996
Meeting at the BCRW Office, 1996
Three Students in the BCRW office, 1996
Hester Eisenstein and Philippa Strum, C1985
Students in BCRW Office, C1981
Meeting at BCRW Office, C1981
Jane Gould Speech at BCRW 10th Anniversary Party, 1981
Woman Reading at s&F VII Conference, 1980
Jacquelyn Mattfeld Speaks at  S&F VII, 1980
S&F VII Panel, 1980
Women at S&F VII, 1980
Workshop from S&F VII, 1980
Jane Gould at BCRW Event, C1980
Crowd at BCRW Event, C1085