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Barnard College campus, circa 1950s
Brooks Hall and Hewitt Hall, circa 1950s
Student in kimono standing underneath Magnolia Tree, circa 1960s
Student walking through the Jungle, circa late 1960s
Students on Lehman Lawn, 1966
Student in front of Wollman Library, 1966
Students Chatting On Wall in front of Lehman, 1976
Students Sitting on Lehman Lawn, 1976
Greek Games statue during commencement
Greek Games statue, circa 1988
Students on Lehman Lawn in spring, circa 1990s
Greek Games Statue, circa 1990s
Lehman Lawn in Spring, circa 1990s
Construction on Barnard Campus, circa 1990s
Student sitting on Barnard Hall steps, circa 1990s
Rooftop view. circa 1990s