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Barnard College assembly, 1940
Couple in the Jungle, circa 1948-1959
The Jungle, winter, circa 1948-1959
Barnard Cafeteria, students paying for food, circa 1948
Students in Dorm Room Lounge, circa 1948-1959
Three foreign students sitting on couch, 1948
Millicent McIntosh and Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1948
Foreign Students from Greece, circa 1950s
Barnard College Convocation, circa 1950s
Barnard College Glee Club, circa 1905s
Greek Games Torch, 1951
Greek Games Entrance, 1951
Barnard College Fine Arts Club, circa 1950s
Barnard College's campaign for the Development Fund, January 1950
Students walk through gate, circa 1950s
Students read Foreign Student bulletin board, circa 1950s