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343 Madison Avenue Exterior, circa 1889
Interior Chemistry Lab, 1894
Madison Avenue Campus Parlor Interior, circa 1889
James Room, Barnard Hall, 1954
Barnard Hall parlor, circa 1930s
Barnard College Christian Association, circa 1950s
Quad lounge, 1945
Mail Room (Brooks Hewitt Reid), circa 1950s
Students with a snowman, Elliott Hall, circa 1990s
Study Hall at 343 Madison Avenue, circa 1895
Mrs. Liggett at 343 Madison Avenue, circa 1895
Students with Greek Games statue, 1961
Reid Hall living room, circa 1950s
Reid Hall reception desk, circa early 1960s
Hewitt Hall dorm room, 1953
Hewitt Hall cafeteria, circa 1950s