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Two Students, studying on a Lehman Lawn Bench, April 1998
Lehman Lawn in the snow, circa 1995
Student in Lehman Language Lab, circa 1960s
Students in Lehman Language Lab, circa 1960
"The Bear" Sculpture-Wollman Library Lobby, circa 1960s
Lehman Hall, Wollman Library, circa 1959
Lehman Hall Lobby, circa 1960-1975
Lehman Walk set-up for Commencment
Goat on Lehman Lawn Spring Fair, 2003
Lehman Lawn from Lehman Hall Windows, 2003
Students in Barnard Archives, 2001
Lehman Hall Exterior Windows
South end of Lehman Hall
Wollman Library Exterior Windows
View of Lehman Hall from Below
Lehman Hall windows with flowers