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Brooks Hall, circa 1940-1960
Barnard College assembly, 1940
Students dressing in cultural attire, circa 1949
Students next to Milbank Hall staircase, circa 1948-1959
Couple in the Jungle, circa 1948-1959
Two students in Brooks Hall dormitory, circa 1950
The Jungle, winter, circa 1948-1959
Women in Milbank Hall lobby, circa 1948-1949
Speech class, 1948
Barnard Cafeteria, students paying for food, circa 1948
Students in Dorm Room Lounge, circa 1948-1959
Aerial view of Milbank Hall and tennis courts, circa 1948-1955
Three foreign students sitting on couch, 1948
Millicent McIntosh and Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1948
Historical dance performance, circa 1949-1950
Foreign Students from Greece, circa 1950s