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Sarah Lawrence letter, 1973
Letter to Jan Goodman, 1973
Issues with conference registration, 1973
Letter concerning audio recording of conference, 1973
The State of Women's Studies, 1973
Letter to Jane Gould from Martha Peterson, 1973
Letter to Florence Howe, 1973
Invitation to December 3rd planning meeting, 1973
Letter to faculty, 1973
Note from Sue Sacks to "The Scholar and the Feminist" workshop coordinators, 1974
Note from Catharine Stimpson to Jane Gould, 1974
Press Information for conference, 1974
Letter to Martha Peterson from Annette Baxter, 1974
Letter from Nancy K. Miller to the Barnard and Columbia Women Faculty
Letter from Hester Einstein to Planning Committee, 1975
Invitation to the Scholar and Feminist planning committee, 1982