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Barnard College assembly, 1940
Students dressing in cultural attire, circa 1949
Two students in Brooks Hall dormitory, circa 1950
Speech class, 1948
Aerial view of Milbank Hall and tennis courts, circa 1948-1955
Three foreign students sitting on couch, 1948
Millicent McIntosh and Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1948
Historical dance performance, circa 1949-1950
Foreign Students from Greece, circa 1950s
Speech class, 1949
Barnard College Convocation, circa 1950s
Barnard College Glee Club, circa 1905s
Greek Games Torch, 1951
Students in Brooks Hall living room, circa 1950s
Greek Games Entrance, 1951
Students outside Barnard Hall, circa 1950s