Letter from Iola Haverstick to Cecily C. Selby, November 23, 1971, page 1

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          “ tiovwimr 23. I971

Mra. fiaeity C. 3elby
fluadufistrasa. Th: Lnanx 5choolL
373 East 75th strait
Riv Ybrk, fl.Y. taazt

mar Eacflyt

I think yesturday at thu Leno: Echo»! was fabulous.

Evan thnugh the git}: aid‘: taik, as we had hoped, I
watched tbeir faces and thny suamnfl ta me ta be reaiiy
Tiateniag ta what evaryone had tn say. Thia was mast
encouraging. ~

V I dad to thin what we must have iaakod iika on
vidno tape. In !t possihta, houawmr, far as to hays Q
copy af r fa1¥ien1 I havn an ice of what the.cust
may be, but I shauid think that am umufd certainiy want
ta pay for it.

Catharin Stimpsan udll, I know, ha in tmuch with
yam abant Sta 2 av cur programu


Capy tn fatharino fitimpson