Letter from Mary Wexford Scotti to Marcia de Fren, November 19, 1971, page 1

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          19 Homnber 1971

143. Maria 1): Fran
History Dapnrcuent
Central High School
Hatchet Avenue

Valley strum». mu York

but HI. Barron:

1 u and to hcar of your enthusiast titan: the new innate! Venn’:
Count, and I hope that we can be of help to you. I an enclosing a
copy of Professor Baxter‘: reading list for her course History of

Women in America: to 1890. The aeconclihalf of that court: will have

A reading list covering 1890 to the present, but it is not yet
available. As soon as it in, I will and you a copy of it. I an

3110 enclosing a yiecc written by Rofauor Baxter "Thought: on Women‘:
studies‘ at Barnard," which you any find useful as anuunitian with year
department chairman.

For your gens:-a1 information, I an the reading you a copy of the flown‘:
center brochure which describes tbs kinda of things we hope to do, and has,
on the last paga, a list at Hanan’: Studies courses presently attend

at Barnard.

menu keep in touch with us as in are very inter-«cod in noun’: srudiu
program: offered in high wheels and will he eager to hear about your
experience.  “ -



Kory Heston! Scotti
Administrative caoréinator